An injury or medical condition that keeps you from working can be a financial hardship on you and your family. When you’re unable to earn your regular paycheck, you may need to rely on other monetary sources, such as social security benefits.

If you’ve been denied these benefits, turn to attorney Charles P. Erickson. As one of the most devoted social security lawyers in Naples, FL, Mr. Erickson can help you fight for the benefits that are rightfully yours. 

Social Security Lawyers in Naples, FL

Turn to Experience and Commitment for Help

​​Mr. Erickson is a sole practitioner and has 25 years of experience passionately advocating for clients like you. He will personally handle each step in the disability process to ensure you have the best chance at success. Some of the processes he covers are:

  • Collecting proper medical and work-related documents

  • Filing requests for reconsideration

  • Filing requests for Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings

  • Attending and also preparing his client for any ALJ hearings

  • Filing appeals of an unfavorable ruling from the ALJ

As a social security disability lawyer, Mr. Erickson will do what he can to get you the benefits you need. His attorney fees are also contingent on your success, meaning you don’t pay anything if past due benefits can’t be recovered.


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